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1. Create a blog in which you explain with your words the meaning of 10 different phrasal verbs. Give an example of how to use each one.

*                 Drive off: Marcharse (en un vehículo) de algún lugar

A woman got into the car and drove off.

*                 Come back: Volver a algún lugar.

 kelli come back tomorrow to school

*                 Turn round: Cambiar de dirección, girarse
When I touched him on the shoulder,he turned round

*                 Break down: Dejar de funcionar, dejar de operar. (romperse)

The car broke down.

*                 Run away (from): Escaparse, huir, alejarse.


you run away of the tiger

*                 Keep up (with): Llevar el ritmo

I can’t keep up with you.

*                 Look forward (to): Estar pendiente/emocionado por algo que va a pasar, esperar algo, mirar hacia adelante

       Are you looking forward to your holiday? 

*                 Let yourself in: Dejar entrar a alguien

You can let yourself in.

*                 Dive in: Bucear, zambullirse, sumergirse.
Sally walked up to the edge of the pool and dived in.

*                 Check in (hotel,airport): Presentar documentos, registrarse.

As soon as I got to the airport,I checked in.

1   2.  Paste  the Map of the course Units




3. Take a screen shot of your profile in this course, with all the information

actualized and paste in the blog.

4. Do a short presentation of yourself, including the place where you live, carrer
that you study, hobbies and expectation from the course. Paste a photo of
your family

I’m Leisy Benavides, I´m from Ipiales-Nariño and live in Mocoa Putumayo, I’m twenty seven years old. My mother is Oliva Rodiguez, She is a housewife, I have two sisters, they are Alexandra Benavides she is a cashier and Karen Benavides She is a nurse, my husband is military.

I study psychology, I’m in the fourth semester, my strength is god, I love to god, my motivation and support is my family, I love to family.

I like to draw, paint, dance, listen to music and travel, my favorite sport is microfutbol.

My expectations with this course are to strengthen my knowledge of vocabulary and pronunciation.

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